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Hey Look, it's Chi Waller

Short Bio

Chi Waller is a melodious fusion of raw talent amalgamated with an entrepreneurial heart and a student-first mentality. Formerly known as Aaliyah Nicole, the Chicago native’s musical journey began at an early age. Chi Waller grew up as a pastor’s kid (PK) on the west side of Chicago where she started singing in the choir at three years old. 


Though unexpected, Waller gracefully began to pivot in a new direction and a full rebrand at the top of 2022. From loss of employment in 2020, relocating back to Atlanta by way of Texas in 2021, struggling to find work and ultimately experiencing homelessness changed everything for her.


It was during Chi's darkest and lowest moments in life that her creative juices began to flow like never before. Only this time she didn’t recognize her voice as Aaliyah Nicole; she heard someone else. It wouldn’t be until nearly four months later that she would divinely discover that voice to be the one and only Chi Waller.


The soul-spitta gives listeners just that in every record, leaving none to question the love, passion and faithfulness she has for and to the craft. In July 2023, Chi kicked off her "6x6" run where she is set to release a new single every month through the end of the year.



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