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Superstar Dream Entertainment was founded August 4, 2014 by C.E.O. Nicole M. Acree, artistically known as Aaliyah Nicole. Acree was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in August of 2006. A month before her 14th birthday she gave birth to Music With Meaning (M.W.M.) Records, later published as Music With Meaning Productions. M.W.M. housed young up and coming music artists and became known for hosting anti-violent talent showcases on the west side of Chicago. In 2014, a month before her 22nd birthday, she decided that it was time for a change.

Acree, an artist and film & television graduate of Clark Atlanta University, discovered that her vision as a young teen was not the same as her current vision as a young woman. Although it was hard to part ways with her first born, M.W.M. Productions, she was ready to expand her vision beyond just the music. At that moment, Superstar Dream Entertainment (S.D.E.) was born. S.D.E. is a limited liability company, placed on record by the State of Georgia. Acree has many short and long term goals for this multimedia company, and she is determined to continue to groom her developing brand.

The story behind the name

“Superstar Dream Entertainment came to me one day as I was brainstorming. I knew I wanted a name that would have sentimental value and honor the one man who believed in me before I even believed in myself, Ricky Campbell, Sr. Rick, a gifted actor in his own right, was the first person to ever push me to take my craft seriously. He passed away before he could witness me grow into the entrepreneur and artist that I am today, but I know that if it wasn't for him I would not be where I am. He gave me this dream, and I ran with it. I believed because he made me believe. I was his Superstar. That's all he ever called me, so that's when it hit me, Superstar Dream Entertainment.” - Aaliyah Nicole

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